PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program

Welcome to the PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program!

This Program is for PSYCH-K® enthusiasts, both professional and non-professional, who want to learn how to achieve and support optimal health and wellbeing, using a non-medical model. The course is designed to develop one’s ability to address the underlying beliefs that limit wellbeing or may impair physical healing — that is, to go to the psycho-physical/spiritual source of the problem rather than remain at the level of the symptoms.

The requirements for the Program are completion of the Basic and Advanced workshops, working knowledge of the Advanced Balances, in particular, the Core Belief Balance, and the Life Bonding Balance. It is recommended, but not required, that one has clinical experience of some kind.


Collaborating with Your “Mind Doctor”:

Your “Mind Doctor” is the primary connecting factor for the PSYCH-K®, body/mind/spirit model of wellness, and is a strong ally in creating and maintaining a deep state of wellbeing in three critical levels of wellness: Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual. It is our assertion that the recognition and utilization of the mind is a vital part of wellness and is largely unrecognized and underutilized in the Western mainstream medical model. This program uses the concept of the “Mind Doctor” to create a more comprehensive model for optimal health and wellbeing.

You will learn how to collaborate with your “Mind Doctor”

The 4 Levels of Reality:

How to be able to see a health and wellbeing condition from 4 different points of view, in order to find the best solution to the situation.

Improving your skills as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator to deal with Health and Wellbeing conditions.

Optimal Health Balance:

You will be introduced to, and experience balancing for, 22 beliefs related to the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology system. You’ll test and balance 22 paired Belief Statements that are strongly correlated with people who enjoy a high level of functioning as it relates to health and wellbeing. We refer to these beliefs as “the 22 long-life elixirs.”

Alternative Life Balance:

The goal of this Balance is to bring into your current life all the beliefs and the physiology of a life free from any harmful or undesirable conditions affecting us. We will create the desired reality from a sensorial point of view and will activate biological, biochemical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing responses in our present reality.

Managing a Condition Linked to Well-Being:

You will learn key questions to ask our well-being Partner (and ourselves) and how to help him/her/ourselves to find the solution. You will see the importance of the Facilitator in this process and how to manage a session from its inception to its conclusion.

Transforming the perception of past/present/future stressful events:

You will learn how to transform the perception of a “traumatic” or event stressful situation (i.e. the outcome of a medical exam) into a perception that will support the goal of reaching and maintaining a state of deep wellbeing.

Finding Messages and Secondary Gains Related to a Condition:

Very often, learning and balancing to internalize the psycho-spiritual messages related to a limiting condition that’s affecting our life, will illuminate the reason/ need for the condition to continue to exist in the body or mind.  This can help facilitate the resolution of the condition.

The concept of Secondary Gain can help you discover if you (or your partner) have any “gain,” or actual benefit (usually psychological) in maintaining a condition or situation as it is. Most frequently, these secondary gains are at a subconscious level and we’re not consciously aware of them.

Approaching reactive responses (usually called allergies and intolerances) in a different, fast, and practical way.

The Alignment with Divine Perfection: Surprise!

PSYCH-K® and First Aid:

You will learn how PSYCH-K® can also be used as a useful complement in first aid situations before/during/after the necessary medical treatment is done.


You will learn a new way to understand the concept of prevention, and how to expand your consciousness regarding the true meaning of prevention.

And like in every other PSYCH-K® Workshop, you will experience everything you learn and you will transform for the better!

Instructor: Duccio Locati, Osteopath D.O., Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, General Director of PSYCH-K® International
Workshop Language: English, simultaneous back translation upon demand.
Duration: 4 days, from 9 am to 6 pm each day

1750 USD – Registration Fee
1100 USD – Repeating participants

Important Notes:

  • It is required to take the Basic Workshop and the Advanced Integration Workshop before attending the Health and Wellbeing Program. In your request for registration, please inform us when and where did you take the Basic Workshop and Advanced Integration Workshop and who were your Instructors.
  • The prices above do not include food and accommodation. Please ask if you need assistance.


For workshop calendar and registration:

  • In case the Workshop is postponed or canceled by the instructor, participants who have already paid will be given the option to choose whether to use their payment for a Workshop with the same Instructor in the future within a 12 month period or be fully refunded.
  • In case the participant withdraws her/his registration, up to 30 days before the Workshop date: The workshop fee can be refunded deducting the credit/debit card processing and registration fees (2.9% for US Cards + 30 cents + 3,50 USD), or the participant might choose to use the option to apply their payment for a future workshop with the same Instructor within a 12 month period. (fees may vary based on the country)
  • In case the participant withdraws her/his registration within the last 30 days before the workshop date or does not attend the Workshop: Payment will be applied for a future workshop with the same Instructor within a 12 month period.
  • The instructor holds the right to change the venue of the Workshop within the same city when necessary and inform the participants about the new address within a reasonable time frame.
  • Travel, accommodation, and food costs are not included in the Workshop price. In case of cancellation, postponement, or location change within the same city, the instructor cannot be held responsible for the occurring costs (travel, accommodation, food, etc.) of the changes and the refund does not include such costs.