PSYCH-K® Online Workshop Level 1

Learn to do PSYCH-K® with yourself. Be the creator of your own transformation!

Changing our lives is possible only by changing ourselves. The reality we experience and all our performances in life are the creation of our perceptions and our ‘Subconscious Beliefs’ often govern our perceptions. In other words, the limits of what we can achieve in life and the inner support behind what we have achieved stem from our Subconscious Beliefs. Now you have a way to learn to discover your beliefs and change them yourself in the direction you want! The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 is for those who want to learn to self-do PSYCH-K® for their own transformation. That’s all the PSYCH-K® some of us will need to transform our limiting beliefs into supporting ones!

The biggest advantage of PSYCH-K® Online Workshop is that it comes to you, instead of you going to the workshop. In this way, you do not need time and money to travel!

Common Questions

  • The science behind PSYCH-K® – explained by the famous cell biologist, best-selling author, and world-renowned speaker Dr. Bruce Lipton.
  • How to create a strong collaboration between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds to transform limiting beliefs and achieve your desired goals in life.
  • How to do and use the right Muscle Testing to communicate directly with your Subconscious Mind from which at least 95% of your thoughts and performances originate.
  • How to speak the language of your Subconscious Mind, which is different from the language of your Conscious Mind.
  • How to transform the perception of a stressful or traumatic event from the past that is holding you back.
  • How to use a simple 4-step PSYCH-K® process to help you solve problems and stressors in your daily life.
  • How can you use Mother Nature’s Wisdom in all areas of your life by integrating the eleven basic Nature Principles you will learn in the workshop into your Subconscious Mind.
  • Besides serving yourself, how to simply and effectively serve all humanity using a specific protocol called the GAIA Protocol?
  • Awareness, curiosity, and a willing heart for transformation 🙂
  • Access to a printer to print the material before the Workshop starts.
  • A very good and stable internet connection for the duration of the Workshop.
  • A good laptop or computer so that you can download Zoom (it is not possible to participate through the version of zoom that works on your internet navigator, nor from a tablet, Ipad or mobile phone)
  • Headphones
  • A space for taking notes
  • Water and Tissues
  • A quiet space, where you will not be interrupted by other people at home or by pets – silence around your environment will also be important in order to avoid disturbing other participants during the workshop
  • Once registered, Workshop Material and Zoom info will be provided prior to the workshop.

Important notes:

  • Commitment to attend the workshop in its entirety, for 3 days, for 6 hours each day is required. No exceptions are allowed. In case you take a break or cannot complete your workshop for any reason, you will need to sign-up for another Online workshop as a repeating participant and repeating fees will be applied.
  • The workshop will NOT be RECORDED.
  • PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 is a three-day course taught by Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors worldwide in many time zones and languages for personal use only. If you want to learn how to do PSYCH-K® with others besides yourself, the workshop you will want to take is the PSYCH-K®️ Basic Workshop, which requires physical in-person participation with others.

Workshop Languages and Time Zones are indicated on ‘Workshop and Event Calendar’ Page.

Duration: 3 days, 7 hours each day

Investment and Payment Options:

  • Pay a deposit of US$ 350 to secure your seat and the balance of US$ 400, two weeks prior to the workshop.
  • Pay the total value of US$ 750 and complete your registration
  • Repeating participants: US$ 400. Repeating participants will not be given a new workshop packet, they will be using the packets that they have.
  • If you have already taken the in-person PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop and would like to attend PSYCH-K® Online Workshop Level 1 as well you may do so by paying a special price of US$ 450.
  • Those who register at least 30 days before the workshop date using their preferred payment method can benefit from a $50 Early-Bird Registration Incentive. To avail this incentive, they must enter the ‘Early-Bird Registration Incentive Code’ (valid until one month before the workshop date), on the payment screen during the workshop registration process and make their payments. Early-Bird incentive does not apply to transition fees from in-person to online or the other way and repeating fees.
  • In case the Workshop is postponed or canceled by the instructor, participants who have already paid will be given the option to choose whether to use their payment for a Workshop with the same Instructor in the future within a 12 month period or be fully refunded.
  • In case the participant withdraws her/his registration, up to 30 days before the Workshop date: The workshop fee can be refunded deducting the credit/debit card processing and registration fees (For the cards from USA banks 2.9%, other international cards 3.9%), or the participant might choose to use the option to apply their payment for a future workshop with the same Instructor within a 12 month period. (fees may vary based on the country)
  • In case the participant withdraws her/his registration within the last 30 days before the workshop date or does not attend the Workshop: Payment will be applied for a future workshop with the same Instructor within a 12 month period.